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Nicole Verity Psychotherapy
Islington, North London

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19th October 2021 
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North London
Tel: 020 7449 2103
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What is psychotherapy

Therapy offers you a private space to bring your difficulties, things that cause you pain and make your life confusing and difficult. A place where you can safely bring day to day frustrations or strong emotions, like anger, depression and meaninglessness. Where you can bring whatever you would like to inquire into in the setting of a one to one relationship. It is a supportive relationship along the journey of self-inquiry.

My work from this model is very well suited to working with trauma and early childhood difficulties and abuse. Although I work with any aspects you choose to bring to your therapy.

What is Core Process Psychotherapy

The Core Process model of therapy draws on the eastern traditions of psychology, orienting us towards our own intuition and inherent well-being, albeit masked by how or who we 'think' we 'should' be. It weaves this into the western psychotherapeutic models using mindfulness to bring our unconscious patterns to our attention. This is done in the spirit of gentle curiosity and non-judgement.